Asbestos Roof (Tiles & Sheet)—Asbestos Roofing Repair & Replacement

asbestos roof cleaning

Asbestos has been used in many building materials, including roof tiles and sheets. In many instances, roofing needs to be repaired or replaced because of the health risks associated with asbestos. If you are concerned you may have asbestos roof tiles, consider calling a professional to help you.

Asbestos Roofing Risks

Newer homes do not have asbestos materials. However, asbestos roof tiles have been around since the early 1900s. If you have an older home, you should consider replacing your roof or at least have it inspected regularly to make sure there is no problem with the asbestos.

If the asbestos roofing materials are in good condition, there should be no risks to you or your family. It is only when these materials become deteriorated or damaged that asbestos fibres can be released into the air. If this happens, you could inadvertently breathe in this air and the fibres could enter your lungs and cause many respiratory problems. It is also possible that the fibres from damaged materials can get on your clothing or on pets and be tracked into the home, causing others in the home to be exposed.

Identifying Asbestos Roof Tiles

There is no definite way to tell if materials, such as roof tiles, have asbestos in them unless they are labelled. Many times, there is no label to look at, so the material should be analyzed by a laboratory. If you think you may have roof tiles that contain asbestos, you should contact a professional asbestos removal company. They have the contacts available to have materials tested and can help you find the information you need.

If you have access to the Internet, you can look at pictures of roof materials with asbestos. This can help you by giving you a visual. If your materials look like any of the pictures, consider calling a professional to help with further steps.

Repair of Asbestos Cement Roofs

Asbestos cement roofs are usually about an eighth-inch thick and they usually last up to 60 years. When they get older, there can be moss growth and water leaks. You may not know this, but asbestos is actually quite fragile and brittle, which makes them crack and leak easily. Consider having the roof repaired when you start to notice leaks or cracks, to prevent further damage.

If you are a do it yourself person, you may think you should do it on your own, but this may not be a good idea. Because asbestos is highly toxic, it should be handled by professionals who have training and are licensed to deal with this toxin. It is strongly urged to hire a professional to make any repairs to an asbestos cement roof. You can use the Internet to find a professional that can help you.

To repair these types of roofs, professionals will start by removing all the dirt, moss and lichen from the roof to ensure it is completely clean. Next, the professional will check each cement tile and make sure there is no damage. If there is damage, the tile will be repaired. Sometimes, the tile is so badly damaged it cannot be repaired. In this instance, the tile can be replaced with matching sheets. This will cost extra.

Once the damage has been repaired, it is important to have it treated. This makes it waterproof, which will help prevent new cracks and stop new leaks from forming. These treatments can also help with heat retention. There are generally three coats of sealant that is used. The first is a brush sealant that is clear and must be completely dry before using the second and third sealants. After each application, the sealant must be allowed to dry before moving on. This project can take a few weeks to complete.

When the project is completed, all debris will be cleaned up and removed by the professionals.

Asbestos Roof Replacement Contractors

Many times, repairs are not practical. In some instances, it is necessary to replace sections of the roof, and sometimes whole roof replacement is required. The professional you choose will be able to give you information on whether the roof can be repaired or will need to be replaced. The roof professional will also be able to give you a quoted estimated price.

There are many modern materials that can be used for your new roof. It will not be possible to replace your asbestos roof with a new asbestos roof. Asbestos has been banned in the UK and in many other countries. However, modern materials work just as great and can increase the value of your home or business.

It is important to find a contractor who is trained and licensed to work with asbestos. When looking for a contractor, you should search the Internet for asbestos roof contractors in your area. Look at a few web sites and get a feel for each one. Contact two or three and get quotes. Make sure you tell them that there is asbestos involved when you receive your quotes.

There are many great contractors available who have a good reputation and are trained extensively. Make sure you ask many questions to ensure you have the best company for the job.

Asbestos Roof Cleaning

To ensure that your roof stays in good condition, it is important to keep it clean. If you have an asbestos roof, you will need to contact a professional to handle this job. If the roof is not cleaned properly, you can cause damage to the roof and risk detaching the asbestos fibres and causing them to become airborne.

The company you choose will wash off all the dirt and moss that has formed on the roof with a power washer. Many times, they will also inspect the roof for any damage as well.

Removing Asbestos Roofs

If you find that your damaged asbestos roof cannot be repaired, it will be necessary to remove the old roof and completely replace it. You should let professionals handle this, because asbestos is highly toxic and can cause many health problems. As long as you research a few companies and get quotes, you will find a good roof replacement company to help you.